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So far it's been the worst thing that I've ever had to endure. I'm unable to work due to my symptoms, but they are going away as my ferritin MUST be going up and my last Hgb was 13.6 on Oct. 1st. As of Aug. 28th my Ferritin was a 20. I was diagnosed Jan 16/07 so it's almost 1 yr.

I began supplements of F/S 3X daily on the 16 and by the 19th 3 days later, I was so ill I was back at the doctor but all he could say was this is not a symptom of anemia. No, it was a reaction to the iron that made me ill for 3 months. I had enteritis for 3 months as a GI reaction. I was told by doctors that I was unable to take iron and they were going to IV me but my numbers started to respond so they changed their minds. I was on and off iron for a long time and then with food and without. I did more research on the net and stayed on the originally recommended 2X daily = 300 mgs of iron a day, then my Hgb went to the non-anemic stage. After this I started to feel better. Up to that point I was tested for MS, Lupus, many other things that I don't even understand. I had an endometrial ablation procedure, colonoscopy, endoscopy, transvaginal ultrasound, stool and blood testing beyond belief, heart echo, ekg, renal artery, psychological test for depression, and finally nerve testing with MRI of neck and brain. My diagnosis was health anxiety, wonder why? I told the doc this when I went in, my BP goes way up because I have to explain from the beginning, I've seen 10 doctors each one says there's nothing wrong with me. I think they think I'm crazy which I am NOT, OMG! It's just that a body can't function without blood cells/levels that are not normal. The longer this goes on the worse the symptoms get. They say at your age it take time to feel better, I'm 46 now was 45 when DX'ed.

On the bright side, I am now able to go to stores and shop, great fun! I actually had to begin walking to the end of the street then around the block and so forth. It has been a long road. I go to the Hematologist for my 6 month check on Jan. 15th.

In the beginning my anemia resolved in this time frame (Hgb 8.6 January 16th - Hgb 12.9 March 12th), so it can happen rather quickly for some and be over. It still takes a year to fill the iron stores (ferritin) and this may or may not give you symptoms. I wish you the best of luck. Try not to worry it only makes you heal slower. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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