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[QUOTE=flowergirl2day;3676933]Flflowergirl, :)

Thank you for your response. I was referring to post #4 in this thread.
In it, you said that you had been too ill to work last year and missed several months of work. You also mentioned you had just started to walk again, and that some of your symptoms were from a reaction to iron, rather than anemia, in your doctor's opinion.

I was just curious what those symptoms were that had left you unable to function. I wonder if any of mine could be related to low iron levels.


flowergirl--Okay, here it goes--Yes, I had symptoms from iron supplements causing enteritis for 3 months that would get me up out of bed in the morning before I was awake. Everyday I had this and felt like I had to eat and drink every couple hours to sustain myself. I also had night sweats and low grade fever. The doctor could only say this is not anemia. It was the iron.

At the same time I had heavy periods (7polyps) that caused me to feel very unwell. The less blood that you have the more you bleed, this is true. I still had periods for 6 months after my diagnosis. That is why I felt so bad. Strange head feeling and extremely weak on top of the other stuff.

I had muscle weakness and overall weakness, I was unable to walk around the house. I could just lay on the couch for the first 3 months, dead to the world. At one point I had jelly legs for a weeks time.

I had neck pain that radiated into the back of my skull. I took Xanax for this, it went on for 6 months. At this same time I had blurred vision in one eye. I have jaw pain that makes my teeth hurt. And, numbness and tingling in my hand, foot and side of my face. Some symptoms still wax and wane. My Neuro said it was anxiety. I know better.

The strange thing is that I felt fine with a 8.5 Hgb and 2 ferritin. My body had slowly adjusted to the anemia and low iron, so I didn't know what was happening to me. Because this took years to happen. It wasn't until I took the iron supplements F/S 3X daily that I became ill and ended up in the ER. And then the symptoms progressed. I only had one incident that made me aware that something was wrong. Besides PICA, later I found out that too was really a sign of anemia. I think I covered most of the symptoms, I'm sure there are some I forgot. Tell me what your symptoms are now:D. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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