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Hi all.
I just found out this week that I have anemia. (My dr had the blood test done after I went in for depression (I am very depressed, listless, can't focus, going on for months). So I'm now taking a low dose of Paxil which seems to be helping.)
My numbers are Hemoglobin 8.9 and Ferritin 2.
My dr seemed concerned but just said I should take 1 or 2 tablets of iron sulfate a day and get another blood test in 3 months. Oh, and to take a stool softener since it will cause constipation.
I was mildly anemic during my 2nd pregnancy, so I know about the basics -- foods I should eat, etc. I am a low-carber, by the way, (or used to be, though these days I can't seem to not munch crackers & stuff) so I already eat a lot of meat.
Anyway, any advice on what I should do, if anything, apart from the 1 or 2 tablets of ferrous sulfate?
I noticed a lot of mention of slowFE -- I saw that in the store and it was wicked expensive -- what's so great about it?
Thanks in advance.
From what I've been told don't bother with slow release iron as it isn't absorbed effectively. Iron needs to be absorbed quite early on in digestion which doesn't happen with slow release tablets. I found Blackstrap Molasses to be an effective and natural additional food. Try figs, broccoli, green vegetables, baked beans and a whole variety of foods rather than just one thing. If you increase your vitamin C it should help lots in increasing the amount of iron you absorb. I read about a study where vegetarians low in ferritin didn't take any iron supplements but increased their vitamin C drastically. All the subjects saw an increase in their level by the end of the study! There are little or no side effects to trying this so go for it. I usually take iron with a glass of orange juice.

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