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[QUOTE=lovetovent;3370057]I have gotten my iron is 6 and ferritin is 18....not sure what that means but I feel so constantly odd and spacey all the time especially when i stand for any length of time...I am constantly anxious and end up in some sort of panic attack as i feel like im dying with some sort of brain tumor. Is this result low?? Or would it not contribute to my symptoms??? Am I imagining all this?? Please advise....[/QUOTE]

Your ferritin is within the "normal" range but it is definitely on the very low end of normal. I think the normal range is something like 10-250. Doctors like to see it at about at least 70 in women.

Your iron score of 6 is really useless. Serum iron really doesn't mean a thing because it flucuate throughout the day depending on what you've eaten or not eaten, etc. I think mine was at 11 when I was anemic.

More importantly, did your doctor do a CBC which would tell if you are anemic. I'm guessing with a ferritin of 18, you are *probably* not anemic.

As for your symptoms, they do seem severe. My ferritin is at approximately 20 right now (I am not anemic) and I do not have these symptoms but EVERYONE is a unique individual and what bothers some people does not bother others.

I also suffer from having my thyroid removed many years ago and, so naturally, chalked most of my symptoms of iron deficiency up to not having a thyroid gland. I was totally wrong on that one. My point here being that you cannot try to place all your symptoms/ailments on one specific disease and just assume that's it. With your ferritin being 18 and you probably not being anemic, I'm not sure I'd 100% lay the blame on that. Have you been through other tests?

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