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[QUOTE=lovetovent;3366198]Ok, so it is established that once again I have been told by the gp I am 'very low' in there a difference between being 'anaemic' and being 'iron deficient'???? I believe I am one of those and not the if there is a difference, what is it and is one 'worse' than the other??? Does one take longer to heal?? Thanks in advance.[/QUOTE]

First are they saying your iron is low or your ferritin is low(your iron store)? As other have said when you ferritin is low, anything below 50 you can have symptoms of anemia without being anemic. But if you do not take care of getting more ferritin you will become anemic.
I have been on the treadmill of falling ferritin for three years now. If you level are really low, you really need a quick fix, ie iron infusion by a hematologist. My store now is my ferritin is at 8 and now I have to get three infusions next week. My eck is abnormal because not enough oxygen is going to my heart, be cause of the low ferritin. I have to go for a nuclear stress test to see if any damage has been done to my heart because of the lack of oxygen. I will also have to wear a event heart monitor for a week to see if a pattern shows up.
What was you hgb level, mcv, rdw? These will give you a better picture of what or how the low ferritin is effecting your blood. 1 just found out because I have high MCV, my hgb is also be falely high when in fact I could be anemic. My hematologist relies mostly on my ferritin levels and not so much on the hgb alone just for the fact that other factors could give a false high reading. If you are just under the care of a PC, then go to a good hematologist. They understand much more than your regular pc.

Getting you anemia under control is fairly quickly, but keeping your ferritin level to where you won't become anemia could be a battle. But only a hematologist will take ferritin levels seriouly. Since my last drop in ferritin, I have been having problems with joint/muscle pain, brain fog, brusing, tirdness, sleeping problems, and cold sensitivity. Headach and memory problems, breathing problems and feeling like I am going to pass out. If I left my head up, the room gets dark for a second. When I walk my dog, I have to sit down to catch my breath. I wish I could get my old life back, and start running. I ran everyday for 5-8miles per/day, now I can hardly make it up the stairs without running out of breath. Well, starting this week, I will try to push myself back slowly on my trademill. It is just too cold to run outside. At least if I am going to go, I will have done it doing the one thing I loved, running and listing to my i-pod.
Wishing everyone a healthier, healthier and happy new year

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