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As some of you know, I have been struggling to get my ferritin up. In the last 2 years it's been the lowest at 8 and highest at 38.

My latest results show my ferritin to be 103!!! Up from 19 in September. I am not sure I believe it. That is a really big jump especially since I've been struggling to raise it. I've been taking ferrous sulphate 1x per day with 500 mg of Vitamin C and L-Lysine for absorption.


My serum iron was 21 (flagged as low) and my TIBC was 200 (flagged as low). I have been on the iron regime for 3 months and stopped the iron supplements for 7 days before my blood work.

Other numbers seemed like they might be lowering into anemia again, but thought I might ask you experts here...

RBC 4.2 (4.2-5.4 M/uL)

Hemoglobin 12.6 (12.0-16.0 g/dL)

Hematocrit 38.2 (37-47%)

MCH 30

Transferrin Saturat 11 (11-46%)

Why is my serum iron so low, but ferritin so high?? In September, my iron was 48 and my ferritin was 19.

Can someone offer any words of wisdom?
I remember last year when I was researching my iron, there was some website I stumbled up that gave the possible reasons for exactly what your asking; i.e., if you had low iron, low sat, low transferrin, etc, it was one thing and on and on it went with the different scenarios. What I remember from that was that in iron deficiency anemia, the TIBC is always high normal to high. If an anemia was caused by a chronic disease, it would sort of look like iron deficiency anemia, yet when you did an iron panel the TIBC would be low normal to low and the ferritin would be normal or high. The confounding part was that you could truly have iron deficiency anemia but the other inflammation would be masking it by raising the ferritin.

You might just try to sit back for a few weeks and have the entire tests redone just to be sure. It's hard to say what the supplements might effect. I know that ever since I've been taking iron, my iron results are looking good; however, my MCH is now always high. I think it is due to the supplementation loading up my cells with "weight" which is what that test measures.

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