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It took me 2 years to get my ferretin to 61, then i eased off the iron, thinking it would stay put now that it was up high. Next blood test showed my ferretin had dropped a bit so it was back to the iron supplements.

In february of this year i found out i had an auto immune thyroid condition called Hashimoto's and this was the reason why it was difficult to keep my ferretin levels up. Not so much maybe due to the thyroid alone, but other things were affected by my thyroid such as my digestion which led to malabsorbtion of my iron, vitamin D and also my iodine (which my thyroid needs) and my adrenal function is also out which is somehow linked to the other things and makes me extremely tired unless i'm on medication.

It's all very confusing and now i'm on even more stuff than when i only thought i had low iron.

I spent 2 years focused solely on my iron and lifting it, when in reality i should have been focusing on other things. If your iron is low due to your diet and you begin taking iron and fix your diet, after a month you should see decent improvements. If your diet is fine and iron supplements don't get your iron moving then your iron supplement dosage might be too low or there is something else causing your low iron and stopping it from elevating and staying put. So don't spend forever attempting to raise the iron when there could be something else causing it

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