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Whatever you do, do not give up hope ever. I'm well aware that having little children to take care of adds even more pressure and makes you feel even more tired. I don't know how old your children are, but so long as your kids are fed and clean and you give them lots of hugs i'm sure they wont even realise what you are going through. Kids are very resilient and so long as you are giving them the basics along with some affection i highly doubt they will notice whether the beds are made or the dishes washed. It's ok to just do the basics when it comes to housework, otherwise you will end up in an even bigger mess if you try to do everything perfectly. You can always catch up with things on one of your slightly better days. That's what i used to do. It can be very liberating to sometimes simply say "what the heck!!".

Unfortunately getting over low iron syptoms is a long process and an ordeal in itself and for you personally you have been through a lot more with the mercury poisoning etc .

All the things you have had to correct take an indefinite time. It's very daunting to be taking so many supplements daily. It makes you feel as though the supplements rule your daily life and you end up feeling worse each time you go for that blood test, only to find that your levels have not increased, or have only increased by the tiniest fraction or worst of all, your levels have gone backwards.

When my ferretin went backwards instead of forward, after months of taking supplements i was in tears. I just didnt want to live feeling the way i was. I wanted to have energy just like everybody else, i wanted my hair back to normal, i wanted a normal monthly cycle, i wanted to be able to eat and drink what i wanted and when i wanted, instead of thinking "will this drink/food inhibit my iron absorbtion". At one stage i felt like throwing it all in and giving up and at one point i just didnt even want to visit the healthboard as i felt i was doomed to have this forever. I began focusing on all the things that had gone wrong in my life, all the things i had lost and to top it off i was losing what seemed like all my hair!!!!!!!!

There is however light at the end of the tunnel, even if it does take a long time to get there. The problem is when your ferretin is very low, especially over a lengthy period of time, it can take a lot longer to get it back up, especially as our bodies are geared to use any iron we get in a certain order of priority. Your bone marrow gets it first i was told by my doctor and our hair, skin, nails get it last. Even energy isn't a priority when it comes to ferretin and that is why you feel like rubbish for such a long time as all the other organs in our bodies are first in line, rather than hair and energy.

So don't go giving up, it's basically a day by day situation. With blood tests i found it best not to go getting my hopes way too high as i used to do, as at first most ladies on this board found that their levels went up in very tiny amounts or sat stagnant at one spot for a while before it moved up. There have been very few who had ferretin which went up in one big leap after only being on a supplement for a minimum of 4weeks or so.

All the very best to you. Remember we have all either been where you are now or are going through it right now. Keep us posted on your progress :)

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