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Re: Help?
Jan 6, 2008
[QUOTE=LLS1948;3376870]I was diagnosed last May with anemia and at the time the doc was unsure why. I suffered with very severe periods and my gyno agreed and so we proceeded with a hysterectomy in August. My Hemoglobin was at 9.2. Since the hysterectomy it has risen to 10.2 which is still not great. I'm still feeling VERY tired much of the time and no energy.

[B]Lori--I believe that your recovery (blood levels) depends on how much iron is being replaced and absorbed to build your levels back up to a normal range. I had a problem with prolonged anemia because I wasn't able to take the recommended dose due to GI upset. When I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, I took the higher dose anyway and my body for some reason was able to handle it better. My levels went to normal (low end) range in 2 months time, really that's all the time it should take if everything else is okay. [/B]

Also, I have been noticing that I get extremely depressed and was wondering if there is a possible connection between the anemia and the depression?

[B]Depression is noted on this board as a topic of conversation all the time along with anxiety. For me it was anxiety, first time in my life to have a problem with this. So yes, there are many people here that have had this problem and concern. I would say this is very normal with an anemia DX.[/B]

I've also read that supplementing with B vitamins may help that problem. Any thoughts on that?

[B]I have been told by my Hematologist to take a multivitamin to help in the rebuilding of new red blood cells. [/B]

Also, since my counts have not gone up by a great deal I'm wondering if my dr. who I see on the 17th will want me to go ahead and have the endoscopy and colonoscopy that he had recommended before.

[B]This is one of the first courses of action when anemic,a complete upper and lower scope and even small bowel sometimes. You can have more than one place of blood loss in your body so it has to be ruled out in order to fix the problem. Anemia is a ~symptom~ of something going wrong not a disease. Another thing to consider is B-12 deficiency, I hope that you have been checked for this because many times it will cause absorption problems which will relate to another type of anemia. This can go undetected until the right tests are performed. This is usually a test that is done in the beginning to rule out other types of anemia as in autoimmune related.[/B]

At the time I refused because I believed it was the periods that were the culprit. Would my levels have come up more than this if that was the case?

[B]I never thought that it was my periods either until I had the ablation and saw the difference of blood loss and now it makes more sense to me. My loss now in the entire 3 days is not equal to the loss of one of the old days. They found 7 polyps that didn't show up on the ultrasound so I'm glad that I had the procedure. So your levels should come up if your were absorbing the right amount of iron and no other blood loss or reasons. It took me 9 months all together with the ablation 6 months after the initial diagnosis. It's all about ruling out other reasons and taking the right supplements the right way.[/B]

Any help or insight anyone could give would be greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Lori

[B]Good luck to you on your next visit. The GI testing is not that bad, you can read about our experiences on this board, most of us have had these tests done with fairly good results. If you have any others questions just give us a shout. There are many people here with lots of experience. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)[/B]


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