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My just turned 4 year old son has had low iron stores since he was an infant. He has been taking about 48 mg of iron in the form of drops and vitamins since he was 15 months old and his iron stores will not increase. What could cause this and what are the dangers of the levels not increasing? He is a very small child, more the size of kids 1 to 2 years younger.
I would think the first thing to look for is malabsorption. Based on his small size and his inability to store iron, has he been tested for celiac disease?
He has not been tested for celiac disease. Our doctor wants to recheck his iron levels again in 3 months since during the last 6 month period they actually decreased where there had been some improvement over the last year or so. He said we could go to a hematologist now if we wanted or we could wait the 3 months and see what happens.
davacha1--I would go straight to a Hematologist due to the fact that it has been an ongoing problem since infancy. This needs to be addressed by a specialist, especially if your child is much smaller (which may be normal), than others his age. This is a key indicator that the reason for low iron ~needs~ to be found. As your child grows their will be even more of a demand for iron from the stores to be called upon. Long term iron deficiency can cause many other things to happen within the body. Absorption issues are usually easily corrected once the source is found. Good luck and keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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