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Re: Dr's Visit
Jan 11, 2008
I do know a couple of people who have had low iron for quite some time but it has not affected their hair. [/QUOTE]

This would be me!!! My hair has never been affected. Well, I should say that I haven't really ever had a shedding problem. When I started back on iron supplements and got out of having anemia, I did notice that I had less time between haircuts. So, my hair obviously started growing at a faster rate. But, my ferritin, at that time was still pretty low.

Now, my mom, OTOH, she sheds MASSIVE amounts of hair. I remember when she was living with me while waiting for her house to be built and the bathroom was just crazy with hair. She was anemic during most of her 40s. Now that she is post-menopausal and her iron numbers and ferritin are fantastic, she's still shedding hair.

So I do have to wonder, for each individual, how much of the hair loss is due to iron, your own hormone levels, or just you individual shedding patterns. Many of my friends who have no iron problems shed a lot of hair. But, I wouldn't say they are thinning or anything like that.

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