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MCH 27.1 28.0-34.6 L what is it?[/quote]

This is the weight of your red blood cells. It gives the weight, I believe, of how much hemoglobin is in each cell. Yours are "lightweights":D.

[Quote] PLT 395 135-380 H all the neuts, lymphs,mono, eos, basos,and absolutes are in the normal range, just PLT flagged as H.][/Quote]

Your platelets are a little on the high side but I don't think that is of any significance here. Sometimes this just happens. My friend's are always a bit on the low side and always have been and they aren't concerned about it. You aren't drastically out of the normal range.

TIBC 521 H 250-450. What is this and please
don't scare me and tell me that something ELSE is wrong, is this ok???[/Quote] This is another measurement of your iron (transferrin iron binding capacity). I'm actually glad to see that it is so high--it absolutely confirms the diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia.

[Quote] %saturation 6.1% L 20-55 Ferritin 5 L[/quote] %saturation usually always matches the ferritin. Your saturation is very low (mine was 7) as is your ferritin.

[Quote] Then they tested for the PTH and the results say 14, with 11-67 and below it says that in the presence of hypercalcemia and with normal renal function, a PTH level of >50 pg/ml is highly suggestive of primary hyperparathyroidism. Below that it says PTH levels >50 pg/ml may also be suggestive of Vit. D deficiency. Are they directly referring to my #'s or is this a "standard" thing they say on everyones bloodwork under the PTH test?[/quote]

Yes, that is a standard footnote for that test.

[Quote]Am I dealing with anemia only or other issues, too. I hope to goodness it is not more, or I am going to flip, cause I have had about enough lately, ear infection, root canal, surgeon follow-up, endo follow-up, bloodwork, etc, etc. Thank you to anyone who cares to comment, I would truly appreciate some GOOD news and I thank you in advance!!!!! Christine, come to my rescue once again!!!! Thanks!!!!!

You are dealing with CLASSIC iron deficiency anemia and my guess is that it has been going on for some time, probably well before your thyroid surgery (which I'm sure did not help it AT ALL). In the absence of a disease process where you are losing a lot of blood, it can take several years for your iron stores to deplete. Your menstrual cycle and having a couple of kids recently would also be something that could deplete it rather quickly.

Hope this helps!

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