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I'd love to see what your CBC numbers are.

But, to answer your question--yes, you can have a very low ferritin and no anemia. I would bet you, though, that this situation won't last long. The longer your ferritin stays at 5, your CBC will continue to head downward as you body attempts to use what little iron you have left.

Many years ago, during routine physicals, my hemoglobin was always around 14. Over a few years, we saw the hemogloblin slowly drop but no one was concerned because I was still "normal." Finally, when I was at 11.6 (mildly anemic) *I* had to say "Hey, what the heck is going on." I was then found to have a ferritin of 5. Even when I started iron supplementation and my hemoglobin shot up to 13 very quickly, my ferritin was still at 5.

So, having said all this, your symptoms are due to low ferritin and you are *probably* close to being anemic or will be over the course of the next several months if left untreated.

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