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Jan 11, 2008
I have been dealing with anemia for years now. lets say i started my period at age 12 and am now 33. so i have been anemic for 21 years. i felt really sh#tty and finally went to the drs. new doc, and i love her! i told her all of my symptoms dizzy, blurred vision, can sleep 24 hours a day, cramping, charlie horses, etc... then came this
ME: its probably not a big deal, but my friend made me nervous, I have been craving and chewing ice like crazy.

Dr: you are interesting, it sounds like a textbook case of PICA.

ME: excuse me? is that bad?

DR: mineral deficiancy

ME: ok, i just thought i would bring it up because i thought maybe diabetes

DR: we're gonna run some blood tests

Sure enough the next day, she calls and i have to take iron 2xes a day because of anemia and i had to go back to see her. So i went the next day. as soon as she walked into the door she said iron 3xes a day. I am 1 point away from a blood transfusion (which i told her isn't gonna happen), and your liver stores iron for when you run low and mine has NO IRON (not good).

My point is if any weird (weird for you) cravings start happening don't be afraid to tell your dr. it helps them with the diagnosis. PICA is when your body craves something to try to balance the mineral that is not sufficiant. BUT the cravings actually do not help the restore the mineral. like my ice craving it is called Pagophagia. the ice is not helping restore my iron, but for some reason my body or brain thinks it is.
just some information i thought i would pass along!

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