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You should ask for a GI friendly iron prescription if you are having a problem not taking the correct dosage. I became very ill and ended up in the ER from FS. It also only has 65mgs of elemental iron in it and that give yo a total of 130mgs a day which is not enough to rebuild your iron stores. It is very important that you take 3 a day but that is just my opinion.

I think that the SGPT and SGOT is the same as ALT and AST and mine were also on the low end of normal range. I wonder is that is because the iron is being pulled from the liver because these are liver enzymes. My counts throughout the anemia stages have gone up to high end of normal and are being watched. The GI doctor said this has nothing to do with iron supplements, so I just don't know. I get it checked this month. I also read that it can be thyroid related. I noticed this not the doctors by the way.

I don't really eat red meat either but now I understand the significance of it. I try to eat some every couple weeks. I know it's not a lot but it is well absorbed and helps with the ferritin. So, I think that it is very important. The veggie type derived iron (non-heme), is not nearly as useful.

I also experienced a lot of heart palpitation whenever I would eat meals. I was very weak at that time too. It really messes up your entire body functions more than we even know. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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