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Hello everyone I could do with some advice,
My main symptoms that something was wrong began last year in February I started feeling terribly sick and having pain in my stomach. I finally had a breath test in April to see if I had an ulcer and everything came back fine but by this point I started getting worse. I could barely get up the stairs in our house because my breathing was so bad, my pulse was so fast I thought my head would explode and I was so white my brother said I looked like the dead.

Eventually in May I was diagnosed with b12 and folate deficiency, severe anemia with a blood count of 4.4.
I've had 2 endoscopies a colonoscopy and a schilling test and everything has come back normal. Most of the specialists have said that it must have been a poor diet that caused my problems even though my diet is good.

Since May I've been on folic acid tablets every day and b12 injections every 3 months. My blood count is back to normal (12.7) but I've been having problems with my hair thinning, I'm always cold and my sense of taste isn't quite back to normal because I now hate the taste of chocolate. :mad:

I've seen a dermatologist about my hair and she did some blood tests and although I'm not anemic I'm very low in iron (my ferritin was 5 I think) and my zinc levels were the lower end of normal so now I'm taking iron and zinc tablets. Still the doctors don't know why I have these deficiencies and just keep saying its probably my diet that is bad.

I know changing doctors seems the obvious answer but I really can't afford to go private to see someone else.
So my question to everyone is do you have any suggestions of what I can do?


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