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Thanks for your replies. I am so glad that it's behind me I'm ready to celebrate!

I think your both correct in saying that we all function at a different level. Maybe it doesn't really matter what the number is as long as you maintain range levels. I know that when my son had his Ferritin tested (I know he is male) his Ferritin was only 50. That doesn't sound too high but it's good for him because he is a HH carrier.

I know what they say about 40-70 for hair but I know the shedding slowed down and I had NEW growth at 20 Ferritin and up. I have new hairs all over my head and I am probably no where near the ranges 40 & 70. So this really does get confusing. I'm beginning to believe that this is assumption as Christine says, not sound evidence. And if your Hgb stays up you will eventually build the iron stores even though it takes a long time. I started feeling better from 20 and up myself. There are also so many other things that can be going on in our bodies that we blame on the ferritin when it may not be the reason at all.

Thanks again for the replies, it's greatly appreciated. I feel like I'm getting a new lease on life after a year. I can't believe it's been that long already. Tomorrow I will post my ferritin results. This is the exciting part.

Keeping me on iron (1X daily), until menopause makes me feel more comfortable in the fact that I will probably never be anemic again. That seems like a lot of iron but I am not a doctor. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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