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When i was first started losing my hair, my ferrtin was 12, then it dropped to 7. At my lowest it was>2. My hb has been up and down.
Ive had numerous iron infusions which did help to keep my hb up, the highest my ferritin has been in the last 4 years was 68 (following the infusions), but soon drops again drastically after a couple of months. For me its a vicious circle with my periods.

My hairdresser came last night, and she thought my hair didnt look as bad as it has (although long gone are the days when i can centre part my hair, as my parting is about 2 inch wide. I side part my hair and use thicken shampoo and mouse that i find helps a little.
The trick is to find a style that doesnt make your hairloss look as obvious, but its very hard, I think ive just about managed to get a style that doesnt make me look like ive got a 'comb over'.

Ive kind of accepted that my hair wont ever come back as it was, which is depressing but if it does, then id see it as an added bonus. Although i cant stress enough the importance of massaging your scalp at least twice a day, i still believe that thats whats caused the 'baby hair' ive got occuring.

Best wishes

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