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Hi everyone--I got great news today and wanted to share it with all of you.
My Ferritin was a Total of 35. I went from a 20 to 35 in 4 1/2 months up 15 points. I am so excited, I know that's why I'm feeling so much better lately.
I also wanted to post my original numbers and ending 1 yr later to compare where I've been. So here they are as follows:

CBC 1/16/[B]2007 [/B] CBC 1/15/[B]2008[/B]
WBC 8.6 8.8
RBC 4.21 4.60
HGB 8.5 Low 13.8
HCT 27.3 Low 41.4
MCV 65 Low 90.0
MCH 20.2 Low 30.0
MCHC 31.2 Low 33.3
Platelets 462 High 357
RDW 19.2 High 12.9

[B]IRON PACK 2007 2008[/B]
UIBC H 526 366
TIBC H 560 432
% SAT L 6 15

What a big difference My CBC numbers just went back within range sometime after October. My RBC's were still too small in size. That was the last thing to be corrected. This explains a lot. I wish great results for everyone on this board too! I worked really, really hard at this. And I will continue iron until menopause and I'm only 46 now. There is no end to it! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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