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I have been anemic for about 5 years.Have been taking irons pills on and off, then eventually stopped taking the irons pills for a couple of years and decided to get my iron from my diet. Never really took my iron anemia seriously and now I wish I had because I am tired all the time, get these awful migraines..etc. Last year I started on Palafer iron pills which seem to be working great in sense that it did not bother my stomach when I took the pills. My periods are heavy so I thought, ok that is causing it and then I started gettting abdominal.pain, so I had a colonscopy and gastroscopy, everything was fine except I have H.pylori in my stomach. Now I am schedule for a laparascopy and D&C to see what is going with me.
My doctor is nice, but I keep at her about my anemia and she keeps telling to continue with the Palafer iron pills. My grandmother had Pernicous Anemia, and I mentioned this to my doctor. She did not seemed concerned about that, so I was not either. Blood work was done and I got my test results yesterday, the doctor said my billirubin was elevated and asked if I have a family member with Gilberts syndrome. But I noticed some other things in my blood results but she didnt not seemed concerned. Got a copy of the results and have been trying to make sense of it. My B12 seems low to me but she said it was within in the low normal range. Any help would be greatly appreciated:).

Here are the results:

Billirubin unconjugated(indirect) 27
Vitamin B12 189
Ferritin 16
Hemoglobin 136
hematocrit 0.40
RBC 4.2
WBC 4.2
MCV 95
MCH 32
MCHC 339

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