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I can't comment on the bilirubin as I know nothing about it.

Your B-12 is extremely low. I don't know what your lab range has down as a normal range but it does not matter. From everything I have read, optimal values of B-12 are around 600 and higher. Your ferritin is low and needs to come up but you are not depleted. Good news is that you are not anemic as your hemoglobin is normal as are your RBCs and MCV. The MCV is much lower in a person with iron deficiency anemia and your size is good. However, I do believe that a deficiency of B-12 can cause the MCV (size of the cells) to enlarge so that could be skewing that number.

[QUOTE=Feeb;3398575]Here are the results:

Billirubin unconjugated(indirect) 27
Vitamin B12 189
Ferritin 16
Hemoglobin 136
hematocrit 0.40
RBC 4.2
WBC 4.2
MCV 95
MCH 32

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