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I was tested two weeks ago and my iron was 22/hem. 9.4/Ferritin was 5. I have been on pre-natal vitamins and iron for a week. After 5 weeks of moderate bleeding after an ablation and d&C (that obviously did not go as smoothly as I had been told), I FINALLY stopped! I tried to do very light exercise yesterday at the gym and was miserable the rest of the day. Has anyone had a Dr. advise them on if you should or should not exercise?
Until your body is well you are not ready for anything other than light exercise. You can push yourself, but this will only cause fatigue. You are still healing and it will take a while. Your ferritin is still below chart range as is your iron level. FLFLOWERGIL:)
I don't know if this is true or not, but my doctor told me that exercise would actually increase my levels and I should do so lightly as long as I wasn't passing out. At the time my levels were FE:21, Hemo: 9.7, Ferritin:1. I gave it a shot, and like you, afterwards I felt like death. I'm not sure whether my doctor was right, but I think you should listen to your body and take the rest you need. Good luck.
These boards have been so helpful. Do you know my OBGYN actually told me to exercise and go about my daily life (WITH NO SUPPLEMENTS) when my hemoglobin was a 7.7 (Ferritin was a 5)! I thought I was just being crazy that I felt so awful that I could barely make it through the day. I have yet to try exercising again. It just is not worth feeling awful afterwards.

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