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I was recently diagnosed with low iron and B-12 about 3 months ago. I was feeling absolutely awful - exhaustion, muscle aches, chest pains, shortness of breath, severe dizziness, all the typical symptoms. I started oral iron and B-12 supplements and had B-12 injections and my levels of each are almost normal (by my doctor's standards, they are at a level where I shouldn't be feeling ill). Most of the symptoms have disappeared but I still feel incredibly exhausted and have bouts of dizziness randomly throughout the day. My doctor told me I was not getting enough sleep, but I just don't buy this. This exhaustion is totally overwhelming, so much so that I can't even speak and practically pass out. I was just wondering if this is normal after anemia, even though my levels are "almost normal," and if so, how long should I expect it to last? I just want to get back to my normal life and my friends and family are starting to get annoyed with me. Any advice would be tremendously appreciated. Thanks.
[B]BELLA97[/B], thanks for the info. I started taking iron just before Christmas. It has done wonders for my RLS and my muscle twitches.

The curious thing is men should rarely be low on iron. But my internal plumbing is a little odd - I don't have a stomach (my esophagus goes [U]straight [/U]into my small intestine.) I thought that might be why I am iron ferritin deficient.

Anyway, I am now very hopeful that my dizziness will fade. I had honestly thought I might just have to live with it.

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