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Re: B12 deficiency
Jan 25, 2008
deb10 - yes, you can go for years with up and down levels of B12. Personally I was treated for several illnesses for 20 years until finally discovering that I have pernicious anemia (my stomach does not produce instruct factor). In my case the illness got worse over time until my body no longer absorbed the B12 vitamin then I started depleting the levels stored in my liver. In less than six months I went from tired to needing someone with me at all times – barely able to walk and completely unable to drive. Riding in a car with someone else driving was quite difficult as well.

There are several illnesses that prevent absorbing B12 or you could simply be eating a vegetarian diet without supplements causing the drop in this vitamin. Keep on it and watch it closely.

Regarding damage to the body – yes, it is very serious. I was less than 4 months away from carving my own gravestone. B12 to the body is like gas to an automobile – without it the engine stops. B12 is responsible for every cell in your body and highly necessary for neurological functions. I suffered so long that I have permanent ringing in my ears, balance issues, pins and needle feelings in my limbs, electric shocks and pain thru ought my body on a daily basis. 4 days before each shot I have more difficulty controlling the right side of my body and still require more sleep.

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