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Re: B12 deficiency
Jan 28, 2008
I know from experience that getting what you want from doctors is not easy but you really have to push your GPs for more help.

I have found too though that the doctors in England aren't much help.
I felt exhausted for well over a year before being diagnosed as b12 and folic acid deficient. In the last 4 months before being diagnosed as severely anemic I was also having problems breathing and also had problems concentrating and I started forgetting alot. My GP put the breathing problems down to being my asthma and being overweight and my tiredness and memory problems down to stress. She never even thought of doing a blood test. As well as all my symptoms I looked like the undead because I was so pale and she still didn't even consider anemia.

8 months later and I'm still no closer to any reason why I was so ill, the party line from any doctor I see seems to be it must be your diet and your not anemic now so what more do you want.
I have now also developed an iron and zinc deficiency. So the doctors are giving me even more vitamins to take with no sign of any explanation.
No one since May has actually tested my b12 or folate levels despite me asking.
I still get tired very, very quickly and other than being always cold, often feeling sick and my hair falling out (which is doing nothing for my confidence) I fell ok but like you I am trying to keep going on with life as normal but the doctors just won't help, apparently my remaining symptoms are too vague.
Doctors don't understand that we don't want to feel like this, we want to be busy people but our bodies just won't let us. Anyway, my rant is over.

The only thing I can suggest is write a written complaint to your GP, if that doesn't help then change doctors and finally if you can afford it (I know I certainly couldn't) go private.

Also I have found keeping a food diary helpful so that when (which they will) the doctors suggest it could be a dietary problem you can show them your diary and ask them where you can improve things.

Good luck with everything, I hope you fell better soon.
Re: B12 deficiency
Jun 16, 2008
Hi all,

I'm new here and my symptoms sound exactly the same as Deb. I have a cyst on the right lobe of my thyroid (will get another ultrasound in 6 months), and my B12 is in the 220 range. With normal being around 400 and up to about 1100. My intrinsic factor is at 120, with it being considered too low at 120 and down. I'm also exhausted all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. The doctor did a full blood workup of my thyroid hormones and they were all normal. As well as my other vitamins and iron. The only other suspicious result was my triglyceride level. It was above 200 (should be 150), which is high, considering my age group and for the fact that my cholesterol is really great.
Some of my other symptoms include: allergies or at least they seem that way, sore throat (due to post nasal drip), swollen glands in my neck, and red, itchy watery eyes, really awful sinus headaches.
I also get migraines regularly (although that may be from stress)
The one thing that kind of scares me, is the lack of mental acuity that I'm used to having, not that I'm a genius, mind you, but it takes me longer to think things through and to express myself.

My doctor suspects that it's the b12 defiency making me so tired. I'm also extremely irritable and overly sensitive. I was on zoloft for a while, but I really disliked being on that type of med (it didn't seem to help) and weened off. If anyone is considering, starting a med like that, really think it through, because getting off of it was extremely difficult.

I started trying the b12 patch, there is only one supplier of this. I tried it once (dosage is recommended at once per week), but no change yet. I might try again this week. I've also invested in some sublingual tabs; they should also work, we'll see.

I don't think I have pernicious anemia, but my doctor suspects an ulcer. I will be going for an endoscopy soon to check just that.

I'll will check back into this forum as I find some support here.

My regards.

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