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Re: B12 deficiency
Jan 25, 2008
Hi Deb10.
I was going through nearly the exact same thing as you. I was starting to think I was going crazy! Headaches, popping ears, anxiety attacks, general feeling of unwell........the list goes on. Finally I had my B-12 level tested. Mine was at 240........same response from my doctor.......basically it's all in your head. Yeah right! Well, I did a lot of research on B-12 and decided to raise my levels on my own. I have learned that taking a B-12 vitamin in pill form will not help those of us that are deficient, once you have reached a desired level they are good to maintain it. This is because after swallowing it your body now has to absorb it and turn it into a usual form for your body. What they do have (which has worked wonders on me) are B-12 strips that you just put on/under your tongue - just like the breath strips that dissolve in your mouth. Each strip should contain 1000mcg B-12 as Methylcobalamin. This is how well they worked for me;
[U][B]B-12 level [/B][/U][U][B]June 2006 - 240 [/U][/B]
[U][B]B-12 level June 2007 - 818[/B][/U]!!!!
In Canada they sell these at any drugstore........I do hear they are harder to come by in the states though. Do a #@@#($ search - they can be purchased on-line as well. As you can see how much they helped me, I swear by them! The great thiing with B-12 is you cannot take too much because whatever your body doesn't need it will get rid of on it's own. I continue to take these strips daily and will from now on! Good-luck I hope you feel better soon!
Re: B12 deficiency
Jun 19, 2008
Hi everyone with B12 problems!Ya I know how the docyors don't take it seriously...This might help some of you.I suffered for like 4 years about and doctors kept saying they couldn't find a thing wrong with me.SOOOO I went to a hematologist and told her all my lovely symptoms which included severe weakness,cold hands,pins'n needles feeling in my hands and feet.electric shock type feelings,dizziness,"paranoid feelings",trouble breathing,poor appetite,ringing in my ears,sore tongue,off balance and "seizure-type migraines to name a few!Well she said it sounded like I had low B12 and the testcame out at 278(normal range was 200-1100),but she also did a "methylmalonic acid test" which showed the numbers were "sky high" which pointed to a "hidden(occult they call it)B12 do you like that now?I got shots for over a year and then she said I needed to at least have one 3 to 4 times a year.She also said it takes 3 to 5 years to become deficient.I had the radioactive Schilling test,but it showed I had intrinsic factor....crazy,huh?She said it might've been my diet,but she wasn't sure on that one.Well I never kept upm with my shots after that(my insurance changed...I couldn't afford the shots).Anyways 5 years later I start getting ALL the symptoms back,but even worse.My husband has "not so good insurance" so the doctors I see say that I am okay and just have "anxiety"...I got one doctor to check my B12 level and it was 220,so I say "don't I need B12 shots again?"...he says NO...YOUR LEVEL IS IN THE NORMAL RANGE....after a "ton" of doctors(from that louzy insurance company!...haha,but really not funny!)I go see a good neurologist(because at this point I have troyuble walking,swallowing and my hands are ice cold and I have severe parathesis(pins'n neddles feeling)in my fingers and toes,and ALL the other symptoms that I mentioned before.WELL the neurologist calls my doctor and tells him I need those B12 shots every month...THANK YOU!I just don't get it nowadays how so many doctors don't know jack about medical doctor says that when your B12 level is under 400 you are apt to get a lot of symptoms...why don't all the doctors know this?Well anyways I hope my story will help anyone that is having problems with their B12 AND with getting help from their doctors in treating it. Scout
Re: B12 deficiency
Aug 21, 2008
I'm really sorry to hear of all of your problems with your B12 levels and also with your GP not taking this serious enough. Can you find a new doctor? I think i would go to some sort of a specialist or just someone tha knows how important it is. In the US some holistic vitamin stores etc. will sell B12 shots to give to yourself without a prescription but I don't know how it works in the UK.

I recently had my B12 test done and my level was 210 when the normal range was 200-1100...obviously a large range. My family doctor said he wants to give me B12 shots once a month to bring it up. Even the labwork that my doctor got back had a paragraph about how a certain percentage of people that are under 400 still have neurological signs but most people have these symptoms disappear after they are above 400.
Someone else I know just had a B12 in the 275 range or somewhere close which was quite a bit higher than mine and they want to give her B12 shots weekly for a all depends on the doctor I think.

Also - welcome to the board! :)
Good luck!!! I hope you find a doctor that will help you with this!!

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