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Re: B12 deficiency
Jun 19, 2008
Hi everyone with B12 problems!Ya I know how the docyors don't take it seriously...This might help some of you.I suffered for like 4 years about and doctors kept saying they couldn't find a thing wrong with me.SOOOO I went to a hematologist and told her all my lovely symptoms which included severe weakness,cold hands,pins'n needles feeling in my hands and feet.electric shock type feelings,dizziness,"paranoid feelings",trouble breathing,poor appetite,ringing in my ears,sore tongue,off balance and "seizure-type migraines to name a few!Well she said it sounded like I had low B12 and the testcame out at 278(normal range was 200-1100),but she also did a "methylmalonic acid test" which showed the numbers were "sky high" which pointed to a "hidden(occult they call it)B12 do you like that now?I got shots for over a year and then she said I needed to at least have one 3 to 4 times a year.She also said it takes 3 to 5 years to become deficient.I had the radioactive Schilling test,but it showed I had intrinsic factor....crazy,huh?She said it might've been my diet,but she wasn't sure on that one.Well I never kept upm with my shots after that(my insurance changed...I couldn't afford the shots).Anyways 5 years later I start getting ALL the symptoms back,but even worse.My husband has "not so good insurance" so the doctors I see say that I am okay and just have "anxiety"...I got one doctor to check my B12 level and it was 220,so I say "don't I need B12 shots again?"...he says NO...YOUR LEVEL IS IN THE NORMAL RANGE....after a "ton" of doctors(from that louzy insurance company!...haha,but really not funny!)I go see a good neurologist(because at this point I have troyuble walking,swallowing and my hands are ice cold and I have severe parathesis(pins'n neddles feeling)in my fingers and toes,and ALL the other symptoms that I mentioned before.WELL the neurologist calls my doctor and tells him I need those B12 shots every month...THANK YOU!I just don't get it nowadays how so many doctors don't know jack about medical doctor says that when your B12 level is under 400 you are apt to get a lot of symptoms...why don't all the doctors know this?Well anyways I hope my story will help anyone that is having problems with their B12 AND with getting help from their doctors in treating it. Scout

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