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B12 deficiency
Jan 25, 2008

Can anyone help?
I would like to ask if anyone has had the same thing that I am having from my GP?
My B12 was tested twice and come back with a reading of 116. They decided on injections for treatment. I had to wait for 4 weeks to get the 1st injection, and it hasn't seemed to have 'kicked' in.
I visited the GP again with 1 of my symptons sore throat, which I have had to varying degrees since May last year - swollen lymph glands - enlarged thyroid- thyroid cysts - got in a state, crying etc as I can't explain how I feel - symptoms seem to go on and on:-
upset tummy - gurgling
diarrhoea within a short time of eating
post nasal drip
lower back ache spreading into hip and then down into knee
muscle twitching
extremely washed out - although better on some days
sore throat and ears - where they feel like they want to explode with the pressure
boils and absyss when stressed
sore eyes and always bloodshot - especially in the mornings
forgetting things and what objects are called

I asked if the injections could be more frequent than 1 every 3 months which was susggested.
Instead I have been offered anti-depressents as the GP seem to imply that my symptoms are in my head and not the fact of feeling quite poorly sometimes gets me down.
I was also told that although 116 count is low, it isn't really that low as they work at the range of 200 being normal? So therefore the B12 deficiancy is not a problem.
Can anyone help as I am starting to doubt myself and think that it maybe me being daft??!! I know depression can be a sympton of B12 deficiancy - but I don't feel depressed - just fed up with myself - again more so on a bad day!!

Should I question my GP, or be angry with them (2 GP suggested anti depressents) or asked to be referred to a specialist - not sure where to go from here.
Can I help myself? I have honestly been offered no explaination, no possible cause for being deficiant or any suggestion of any further testing.


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