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Low Hemoglobin
Jan 25, 2008
I am new here.
A little info about myself.
I am 29. Last year, at my annual checkup, my hemoglobin was 11. I thought that was low since I have always been 14, even in my pregnancies. WHen I questioned the dr. about it, they said it was low end of "normal". I explained to them I was unusually tired. They didn't say much, I did have it checked a few months later and it was declared as "normal". Well about the same time I started craving ice. I would eat it, take it with me in my vehicle, go by a fast food restaurant and get an "ice water". I was eating this stuff like crazy. Well, 3 people told me to get my hemoglobin checked again. Especially since I have been awful fatigued. I want to sleep all the time, and my eyes feel tired and dry. I thought I was just suffering depression. I finally went to the dr. this past week to have my hemoglobin checked again. It was 9.7
The nurse was very concerned, and said that's why you are craving ice and so tired. So they put me on some iron supplements. They want me to come in next week for some more lab work. I am so tired and feel drained. Is 9.7 really low?
Any response would help.
Re: Low Hemoglobin
Jan 25, 2008
With a hemoglobin of 9.7, your are moderately anemic. When you were at 11, you were mildly anemic. Now it's getting worse. It's not the lowest number that has showed up on these boards, but it is getting into the "worry" range, in my opinion.

Any ideas/clues as to why the sudden change. You are only 29 and that is plus sign in your favor. If you were in your 40s or 50s, the sudden change could indicated something more ominous.

But, you need to figure out why you are anemic.

At your age, the first evaluation should be a full GYN workup. Your menstrual flow needs to be evaluated. Are you losing too much blood through heavy periods? If yes, that's probably the cause right there. If not, the next step would be a visit to a gastroenterologist for an upper and lower GI workup to check for bleeding in the stomach or lower intestines.

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