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Side effects are different for everyone all you can do is try different things until one works for you. I can see if you had problems with OTC iron. Did you try any script iron as well? I had problems with ferris sulfate and was then prescribed Poly Iron 150 X2 daily = 300mgs of elemental iron, I feel like this saved me. That is the generic name and is also OTC if you ask at the pharmacy. When things got settled down with the GI tract and I could take the iron amount noted above, everything went to normal range in about 2.5 months. I was thinking that if the shots weren't working for you perhaps supplements might. But at the end of the day, whatever form you use it still takes a long time to get there. And it takes longer for the ferritin to reach 50. I finally got to 35ferritin but it took me a year so far.

I have always gotten RLS to a degree, when I get tired I can't hold my legs still. With the anemia it was terrible I felt like I had restless body syndrome. I think that horrible feeling went away after several weeks of iron as did the ice eating. I still get a little RLS when it's late at night and I get tired.

I am just surprised at the iron injections being so slow for people. I thought that they would be much better than what I hear. I was sent from the GI to the Hematologist for injections myself because I couldn't tolerate iron at the time. The Hematologist said no to injections and scheduled me for IV infusion. When I went in for the infusion he did a STAT blood count on me and said I no longer needed it I'm absorbing well. Thank goodness for that! Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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