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There is no reason to run to a hematologist unless you cannot figure out the cause of the iron deficiency.

Right now, it seems that your doctor is taking appropriate action but putting you on supplementation and trying to control the menstrual bleeding (which I assume has been determined to be cause of the iron deficiency). Heck, even going through 5 pregnancies can make you anemic.

Anyway, take the supplements, try to lighten your menstrual flow. Check your blood in about 2-3 months. If you see no upward trend in the ferritin, then your next step would be to look for another cause of the blood loss. If the birth control pills do not help the bleeding you may need a more aggressive procedure.

If that does work and the iron is not going up, you need to check for GI sources of bleeding (stomach and colon). If it is AOK there but still no improvement, then it's time to see the hematologist.
dina2179--My iron sat was also a 6% with a 2 Ferritin. When you have those numbers it takes a while to get well, even though that is a different time frame for everyone. I don't know what your Hgb is right now but it must be low to have those numbers.

Trying to take care of 3 small children under 5yrs means you probably need some help right now. My husband had to take care of me for the last year. Don't hesitate to ask for help. You need to take care of yourself and rest as hard as that may sound. The longer my levels were down the worse my symptoms got.

My advice to you right now would be to make sure you are on a high dose of iron or it can take forever to bring your levels up. I took 300mgs of iron daily for 1 yr. with a couple weeks off here and there because of stomach upset. Now I'm taking 150mgs half of the original dose until menopause per my Hematologist and I'm 46. The only reason I went to a Hematologist is because they thought that I couldn't tolerate iron supplements. He just put me right back on iron supplements. I took it with food, it didn't bring up my levels because of the absorption being decreased. Also, if you eat meat, eat lots of steak and that will build your iron up fast. Increase your diet with iron rich foods and don't drink tea or red wine with your food, that also inhibits absorption.

I ended up having an endometrial ablation that just keeps getting better results each month. I feel like a new person in that respect. Sounds like your doc is doing the right thing for you. Hope you get good results with the BC. If not there are other things you can try. You have to fix this issue before you can resolve the anemia problem. Good luck to you! FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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