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I had numb fingers and toes as well, but it resolved after I got my B12 levels in the 800's and kept them there for a few months.

Sadly, most drs are so ill-informed about B12 levels. I had a great deal of muscle and bone pain before they got everything straightened out. One other thing - they told me to make sure to get plenty of potassium. If your body is low on it, it can't use the B12 it's getting effectively. I have a friend who has low potassium and B12, and it wasn't until she got the potassium straightened out that her B12 levels started getting better. Her numb fingers and toes finally got better. It's something to keep an eye on, especially since you're low on D, too.

Hey, Thank you again, Jill!! I have an appointment with my GP next week and I am going to call and politely request some blood tests (B12..again, ferritin...was low normal at 30 (10-291) and I will ask her to check potassium too). I guess the worst that can happen if for her to say no. I see that my potassium was normal at 4.2 (3.5-5.5). Is there an upper range for serum folate? My lab range says normal is >5.4. My level was 16.6, so that is either too high or GREAT! Strange because I read that when B12 is low, usually folate is as well. Thanks again for your reply, Hoppy

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