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Around here, the B12 shots aren't big ticket items - I think it's like $5 a shot for my insurance, so I doubt it's a money thing. I'd want to know the B12 number they found on your test.

They changed the range of acceptable B12 levels, according to my hema, and the old standard said something like anything above 150 was ok, and now the new range says 400 and above. Maybe your dr is just on top of things. Ask what your number is and evaluate that with your symptoms. You can always try the sublingual vitamins if you don't want to get hte shots.
Japlopper, Have you seen anything in writing with regard to the new range for B12. I would be very interested in pointing this out to my doctor as my number was 324 (211-911) and I am certain that, along with the HypoT, is contributing to my symptoms. I have started taking the sublingual B12 and will see if it helps. Thanks, Hoppy
Hey, Thank you again, Jill!! I have an appointment with my GP next week and I am going to call and politely request some blood tests (B12..again, ferritin...was low normal at 30 (10-291) and I will ask her to check potassium too). I guess the worst that can happen if for her to say no. I see that my potassium was normal at 4.2 (3.5-5.5). Is there an upper range for serum folate? My lab range says normal is >5.4. My level was 16.6, so that is either too high or GREAT! Strange because I read that when B12 is low, usually folate is as well. Thanks again for your reply, Hoppy
hello, my B-12 was in the 260's range for a while and was not good, i did experience all the symptoms and didnt let up untill i began to go weekly for injections, but the Homosystien was elevated and they say it goes up as the B-12 goes down and you don't want that for too long. now i'm trying too find out if i should be taking Folate or something while getting the injections, the doctor i go to does'nt seem to know

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