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Wow, tooshae that is fantastic news :) I LOVE a success story as it gives us all hope :)

Littlebunnyfoo, that is excellent news for you too and great to hear your hair has decreased it's shedding rate :)

Yes you can take the Lysine at same time as your iron supplement. I used to have to take them seperate, but the chemist who formulates the iron supplement for my doctor now includes the Lysine within the iron supplement formula. He has also now included biotin and folate in the same mixture. This makes it so much easier as i used to sometimes forget to take my Lysine but now as it's all in the one it stops that from happening :)

The info notes my doctor gives me (which are also available on the internet on his website if you do a search by his name "Tony Pearce Trichologist") state that high dose amino complex will rebuild hair shaft structure and that amino acids are the building blocks of protein and your hair is afterall 98% protein. He also states that Amino acids allow for greater utilization and transportation of the iron throughout your body.

As for hair correction, my doctor states that your hair is a reflection of internal equilibrium and will begin to positively reflect this 2 - 6 months after the disturbance is corrected.

Well i just had a blood retest today as well as my routine iodine urine test for my thyroid so i should know in a couple of weeks where i'm at. My last test was after my series of iron injections back in July of 2007 where i got to 35 but then felt rubbish after that - likely due to me stopping my iron supplements, thinking the iron injections would do the trick. I should have known it wouldn't be as easy as that!!

I can't wait to get my new results as my hair noticeably stopped it's massive amount of shedding in mid December 2007. I was imagining i must have passed 40 but wasn't thinking i would be up at some amazingly high figure so it will be interesting to see where i'm at considering my better hair situation. I have loads of baby hairs, some fall out, but a lot are still there. At least i'm not seeing a bathtub full of hair after i wash/dry it. I wash my hair every second day and dry it over the bathtub so i can check for hair fall out. I'm happy it's shedding less, but there is still a way to go, but these las few months i've seen the biggest amount of baby hair growth. Aside from that i feel so much better, my eyes feel alive rather than tired and stinging/burning, the dark circles aren't as bad and my mother commented last weekend that this is the best she has seen me looking in quite a long time. She said i actually look healthy and less like a corpse!! She really knows how to impress!! :P

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