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I'm a "cancer survivor."
I still can't get used to saying/typing it.
But, I'm extremely thankful.

As of Nov. '07, I finished treatment & my iron levels were at 30.
Even though I've been taking an iron supplement (ferrous fumurate, I think)
I still feel drained.
I was doing good in late Dec, early Jan., and then I got the flu.
It's really taken it's toll on me. As of this coming Wed., it will be 4 weeks that I got it.

My oncologist sent me to a GI Specialist, and a week from Monday, I'll be getting a colonoscopy, followed by Tues, an upper GI.

I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.
I can't quite tell if it's the flu making me ultra-tired, or low iron, or being post-treatment. Maybe it's the "whole ball of wax."

I thought I was done with tests for awhile, but I suppose these tests are necessary. I think they have to rule out "internal bleeding"...polyps, ulcers, etc. By all rights, I should've had a colonoscopy when I hit 50.

Thanks for any thoughts.

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