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[QUOTE=glocker;3425910][QUOTE=ChristineVA;3425186]Well, your wife certainly has iron deficiency anemia.
How long has she been on the iron?

The Hemotologist put her on the iron about one month ago. You are also correct that the menstrual flow is not the issue.

We also thought it might be the PPI meds, but then we got stuck in this loop. If you stop the PPI and the iron goes up but then the reflux makes the day terrible, have you really gained anything.

She decided to alter her diet even further after the "clense" provided by the colonoscopy prep. Maybe she can think about stopping the PPI again. She sees the Hemo DR again in 2 weeks.

So I guess it is a possibility that we may have to live with "Sorry, don't know for now, just keep taking your iron pills and we will test your blood again in a few months."[/QUOTE]

Regarding the PPIs--I was never really able to stop them altogether (same issues of feeling terrible); however, I was definitely able to take less of the medication than my doctor prescribes and do just fine. Rather than take 40 mg of the PPI per day, I can successfully take half of that. I figure that *some* stomach acid is better than *no* stomach acid.

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