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In my experience, a big fat YES, having anemia causes anxiety and depression. As my iron levels have improved, so has my panic symptoms.
I had never experienced a panic attack in my life until anemia. I would say yes, if you are an anxious person then the result would be anxiety and if you suffer depression then it is magnified with anemia. It is on the symptom list. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
[QUOTE=CD111;3426569]Guess I was wrong, I thought I was anxious because I was stressing about being anemic. Not because the anemia was actually causing the anxiety.[/QUOTE]

The key is: did you feel anxiety and stress prior to your diagnosis?

Before I knew I had anemia, I knew something was "off". I was getting panicky feelings all the time--in the mall, at work, while driving, etc. and I didn't have a clue why. Certainly, when I found out I had anemia I got really whizzed out about it and that made things worse. So, knowing you have it and worrying about it will cause anxiety but, in some people, the anemia itself can cause a type of panic disorder.
I was treated for anxiety and depression for years before anybody decided to check for anemia. when my anemia/iron levels get low, my anxiety is 100xs worse, when my levels are within the norm, the anxiety lessens.

I was just relieved to find that there was a cause for it.
yes,i agree i thougt that i had anxiety attacks from being in a wreck.but before that my hands will shake for no reason at all. and i wasn"t nervous or it does come from being anemic.

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