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[QUOTE=gail0708;3425905]I keep hearing about b-12 shots. What do they do? What is the difference between taking iron supplements and Iron Infussion?Does anyone else have restless leg or leg cramps? What causes it and what can be done about it? Is it from the gastric bypass?[/QUOTE]

B12 shots are one of the most effective ways of building up your B12 levels if you are deficient. The other good way is to take something called "sublingual" B12. This is dissolved under the tongue in either in a tablet form or liquid drops. It absorbs in the mouth and not the stomach so this type is perfect for a gastric bypass patient.

Iron supplements are just pills that are absorbed in the stomach. If you have had gastric bypass, chances are you will be wasting your time taking them as the portion of the stomach that absorbs iron has been bypassed. An iron infusion is where they give you iron, via IV, directly into the bloodstream. It will work for you as it then does not need the stomach to absorb and goes directly to the organs for storage. Many gastric bypass patients end up having to have lifelong infusions to get their iron. It is not without side effects for some people.

The restless legs and cramps are caused by the iron and other mineral deficiencies. You will need to get these levels up to stop the symptoms. It's not directly from the bypass surgery but the bypass surgery causes the malabsorption, which then causes all of your problems.

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