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Severe fatigue, sudden onset of RLS in my legs and arms so severe I couldn't work at my computer, sleep, or sit, severe stomach pain (came on without warning any time of day and was so severe I was doubled over for 5 mintues or so), recurring chest pain (severe enough to make me think I was having a heart attack), heavy periods with big clots, severe ice cravings (planned daily routes to include multiple stops at particular places for crushed ice), morning nausea, severe ovulation pain, feeling weak, feeling faint, nearly passing out, out of breath easily, painful swallowing food and liquids (even water), unable to tolerate any carbonated drinks, onions, or spicy foods. Also brain fog, inability to concentrate, and inability to multi-task (had to focus on one thing at a time or would forget what I was doing). Lastly, losing massive amounts of hair.

All but the chest pain have gone away when my levels started to come up. This is a purely anecdotal list, but the coincidence of when all these started and when each symptom has improved corresponds directly with lab results showing drops in hemoglobin, hematocrit, iron and ferritin.

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