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Hello everyone, my list of troubles is long so i'll just get to whats troubleing me the worst at the moment, I'm always cold, cold hands and feet, dizzy at times, tiredness, fatigue, and breathing is the biggest trouble (an a couple other symptoms), i asked my doctor to check my Iron an he insisted it was'nt low an not a problem, but here are my results, any help would be greatful. also was treated for a B-12 Defeicency (fall of 2007), and Phosphorus def. (3 weeks ago), any insite would be greatly appreciated.

Transferrin 230 mg/dl reference 202-364
Iron 57 ug/dl reference 49-181
%Saturation 17 (low) % 20-44
Overall, your numbers don't look bad. In iron deficiency anemia the Transferrin would be high. The test you need to have done is a ferritin test.

Also, you need a CBC to actually see if you are anemic. While low iron can cause some symptoms, you generally don't get the severe symptoms (the ones you are having) until the anemia part sets in. Your B12 issues may more be the culprit here.
thankyou for the reply, i did have a complete blood work up done and have the results on hand.
If you want post your Hct & Hgb and we can see if you are anemic and of course your B-12 results with ranges. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Here's my recent blood test,

WBC 5.0 /nl range 4.5-11.0
RBC 4.88 /pl range 4.20-5.70
HGB 15.2 g/dl range 14.0-17.0
HCT 43.5 % range 42.0-52.0
MCV 89.0 fl range 83.0-100.0
MCH 31.1 (h) pg range 27.0-31.0
MCHC 34.9 g/dl range32.0-36.0
RDW 12.6 % range11.5-14.0
PLATELET 260 /nl range150-450

i also had a few other test done at the same time,
Ferritin is 200 ug/l range 5-244
Your results look very good and very normal. You definitely don't have iron deficiency. You say you were treated for B12 last year. Have you been keeping up with that?
yes i was keeping up with the injections, but my doctors stoped them when my level came up from 263 to 630, and after 6 weeks it was like i crashed and got worse. my B-level was check in the last month and it was 600, i'm going tomorrow to get it rechecked and wonder is there something else i should be looking for, like Folic Acid? when i was getting the injections the doctor truley didnt know anything about B-deficiency and couldnt even recommend who or where i should go, so i just got the shots at his office, i was pretty much at his mercy. buy when i take a Iron suppliment with B-12 an Folic Acid, after a week i can get a little relief.
You really shouldn't take any iron. Your iron levels are quite high and taking iron when you don't need it can be damaging to your organs. Your ferritin (iron storage) is quite high. I would not take any more iron.

Your B12 isn't bad. Mine is in the 600 range and *I* am fine with that. Ideally though, you can get it higher. If you don't want to deal with the shots, go out to the store and look for "sublingual" B12. It will either be in tablet or liquid form and it dissolves under the tongue. I believe 1,000 mg dose per day is equivalent to getting shots. Just make sure it is the type of B12 that starts with the prefix "cyan" versus "methyl". The first type is absorbed much better.
Thankyou, i also read somewhere if you have any type of inflimmation that it could make your Ferritin appear higher, does that make any sense? I also question why my saturation % was low, none of doctors concerned to why its low, and why my Phosphorus was below normal.
Yes, you are correct Ferritin can give false elevation in the presence of inflammatory process. Maybe it is as simple as the Phosphorus being below normal. Sometimes one thing out can make other things go out as well. I don't know what the symptoms of a low Phos. would be. But you are not anemic and B-12 is not bad either. At least you know that your doc is right on that one. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Thankyouvery much for your input, i'm just confused on what to do at this point, i just don't understand why i have so many symtoms of some type of anemia, or low level an can't get any help or relief, maybe i should just find a new doctor, i don't mean to be venting, just frustrated an so tired of suffering, thanks again Flowergirl:)
If you suspect or are worried about an inflammatory process, you need to ask to be tested for that. You are correct in that it can cause an elevated ferritin. A fairly simple test, these days, to look for inflammation is the C-Reactive Protein test. My doctor ran that on me as a *start* to looking for autoimmune disorders that might cause anemia.

So, if you had a C-Reactive Protein test and it was normal, you could sort of give up the idea of inflammation. If it was high, that would tell your doctor to go looking further (for stuff like lupus, arthritis, etc).
I was where you are now. I went to an Internist that looked a little deeper than a PCP. Maybe that's an idea for you? I would also check the ~Thyroid~ again for autoimmune disease.

Perhaps your Ferritin is normal for you. I would start a clean slate, a new doc with your current symptoms. I'm speaking from my own experiences. Good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)
Thankyou for the input, i did have the C-Protien done, it shows a increase, i'm going to the doc tomorrow for B-12 test and to find out about any possible inflamation,
Had my B-level checked and it did drop over 100 pts, so the doctor started me on a weekly injection and i added folic acid supps daily, i hope this helps with some of my symtoms cause i'm truley at the end of my ropes and dont know what else to have them look for.
Most likely this will help a great deal, but it does take time. Never give up hang in there. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

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