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Hello All! Back in August I was told my Iron Stores were close to zero, my doctor was trying to convince me to have Iron Infusions... I begged her to let me try supplements and see if I could raise my levels on my own. (By the way, the anemia is due to heavy periods) They suggested ablation or birth control, I didn't want to do either (hubby had vasectomy and I was worried about side effects of the Pill). Anyway... I tried Ferrous Sulfate and it was brutal on my intestines, then I tried Slow Fe.. not much better, because I was having to take soo much, and then chase it with Oranje Juice. Well, after that, my gynecologist suggested a vitamin that is sometimes used as a Prenatal vitamin for some women, it is called ICAR-C Plus SR. It has 100mg of iron, as well as Vitamin C, B-12 and Folic Acid (all the vitamins you need to help the iron absorb!! All in 1 pill a day). I have not had any side effects whatsoever. I have listed my Before and After Test Results. I still have a ways to go for hair regrowth, I think 70 is that magic ferritin #, but I think this is pretty significant considering it's only been about 4 months. In addition to the ICAR-C Plus SR, I have cut back on tea, tried to eat lots of red meat and I also take a Viactiv Multi-Vitamin. Just wanted to post this in the hopes that it might work for others. The ICAR-C Plus SR is around $20-$50 for a 3 month supply just depending on your deductible, and it is a prescription, but luckily most Insurance Companies do cover it. Anyway here's what it did for me;


Iron Stores Near 0
HGB 11.4
HCT 34.9
MCV 74.9
MCH 24.5
MCHC 32.7


Iron Stores 29
HGB 13.5
HCT 39.5
MCV 91.4
MCH 31.3
MCHC 34.2

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