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I just posted my new results on the thyroid cancer board and I want to post them here, too. You have all been very helpful to me, and I sincerely appreciate it. It looks better than 1 month ago. I did use a different lab, one closer to home, because I wasn't feeling great. I know I should use the same one every time. I will post what was flagged as high or low last time. My old HGB was 11.6 {11.9-15.9} my new HGB, 13.0 {12.0-16.0} My old MCH 27.1 {28.0-34.6} my new MCH 29.0 {27.0-33.0} My platelets were high at 395 {135-380}, now they are 283 {140-400}. My calcium is still low at 8.3 {8.6-10.4} has been since thyroid surgery. My iron was 32 {35-150}, now 56 {40-175}, My iron sat. was 6.1% {20-55} now, its 14% {15-50} still flagged as low. my TIBC was 521 {250-450} High, now is,396 {220-400} still up there. Ferritin was 5, {5-148} now its, 13 {11-307} my B12 was checked because I requested it, and was 202 {180-900} some of these ranges seem so "broad" why is that? Should we always be in the middle, or do some just run LOW as their "normal"? My stomach has been upset the last few days, from all the iron and calcium and vitamins, etc, so I am going to rest it for 2 days and then start again, I truly hate taking all these pills, as I never took anything before. It's hard to fit it all into a day, 1500 mg, calcium 3x daily, 325 mg ferrous sulfate 3x daily, Vit. c, Levothyroxine, multi vitamin,but I will continue as I want to feel well, again!! the endo nurse said that my B12 was in range and they don't treat it, so I would have to call my PCP. She said everything looks good. The good news is that my TSH is good for cancer suppression, but my Free T 4 is low. TOO MANY NUMBERS! The best news is that I don't have another appt. til the end of March.....seeing the light at the end of the tunnel....yea!! Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated.
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