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What is the strongest OTC iron out there? And what is an "appropriate-but-high enough to make a real difference" amount (mg) to take?

I was taking SlowFE (47.5mg), then recently switched to Nature Made brand from Target (65mg), but now see that Poly Iron is 150mg. If I switch to the Poly, would I take 2 a day, or more? Or if I stick with the Nature Made since it's nice and small (not a good pill swallower), could I take like 4+ a day? Or is that overkill.

Since I really only have the opportunity to take the iron/C/Lysine 2x a day (have to take Prevacid 1st thing in the a.m.), can I take more than 1 iron at once? So far I haven't had issues taking 1 on an empty stomach, but that has just been the 65mg.

I will be anxious to get my ferritin levels tested again, but I want to wait a bit since I had been taking the iron with dinner and probably not maximizing absorption :rolleyes:.

THANK YOU for any help!
When I first started iron supplements Hgb 8.5, I was on Ferris Sulfate 3X daily=195mgs. Then had to switch to Poly Iron (capsule form) 150 X2 until my Hgb stabilized at 13.8. Now I am prescribed 1X daily 150 until menopause.

I would try what you are doing 65 X2 daily if you like that little pill, empty stomach and see what happens. You can break it up until you reach the full dose to see how well you are feeling. Always check iron stats if taking supplements. I saw a great difference when taking iron with meals verses without. I think you will get great results now. Keep us posted and good luck to you. FLFLOWERGIRL:)

Edit to say, I take my Nexium at night it works better for me long after all supplements are taken. Just a thought.

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