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Hi All,

I have had a B12 deficiency of unknown origin for almost 6 years now. Intrinsic Factor was negative back in 2002. I was started on a supplement, which temporarily raised my numbers, but then they dropped again, so I was started on shots. I am not anemic, am currently testing negative for Celiac (though I do have the gene) and have been getting shots once a month (initially, they were every week). Even with the shots, my numbers fluctuate,and they have never been higher than 700-something. My doctor feels they should be in the 1000's, at least. He is now running the IF test again, as well as checking for parietal cell antibodies. I think he is leaning in the direction of autoimmune gastritis, as I've had some weight loss and other symptoms. I'll be seeing the gastro soon enough. However, my question is this: Isn't the point of getting the shots that they bypass the intestine? And, if so,then why aren't the numbers going up higher?

Thanks for any insight...

Be well,
Hi Inq.
Replensihing the B12 stores is a long process - a tricky scienc3e. In order for your body to build back to where it needs to be, you need to also have the appropriate folate levels, iron levels, and potassium. If you're deficient in any of these, it's like a broken chain - it takes longer, or maybe it just can't get to the right level. I know someone who has low potassium - and it didn't matter how much B12 she got - she couldn't store it until she rectified that problem as well. So you need to have a full workup down to figure things out.

I personally take prescription folic acid and eat lots of bananas with my montly B12 shots.

Hope this helps.
The Inquirer:

PA is something that gets worse over time so I agree with the doctor to have you retested. I personally have PA and suffered from it for over 20 years till finally getting the right answers and treatment. I am on injections for life and have been doing them every two weeks now for a year and a half. At my worst the B12 numbers were in the upper 200 range currently I am at about 800.

My doctor wanted me to get to monthly injections but I am too active and burn thru my B12 at a faster rate. When I was finally feeling better I started walking 3-4 miles a day and just this difference caused me to lose 100 points in my liver stores.

I agree with japlopper and when I don't eat my bananas regularly I notice I have a harder time with my fine motor skills and muscle t*****es.

Yes, the injections go straight to the blood stream and then stored into the liver - avoiding the digestive track completely.

Talk with you doctor and see about getting some extra injections.

Good luck.

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