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Can anyone comment on what type of anemia I could have? My numbers are below. I am waiting for the result of my ferritin and other iron test. From what I've read, to have iron or B12 deficiency, my MCV and MCH should be either higher or lower. BTW- I’ve been on prescription B12, B6 and Folic Acid most of the year so I don’t think I’m deficient there.

WBC is 11.4 (normal range 4-10.5)
RBC is 2.39 (normal range 3.8-5.10)
Hemoglobin is 7.6 (normal range 11.5-15.0)
Hematocrit is 22.2 (normal range 34-44)

MCV is 93 (normal range 80-98)
MCH is 31.6 (normal range 27-34)
MCHC is 34.0 (normal range 32-36)
RDW is 12.6 (normal range 11.7- 15)
Platelets are 389 (normal range 140-415)

Any thoughts?

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