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[QUOTE=innocence;3438041]Thanks a lot for your input, really appreciate it!
I definitely do not have heavy periods (they are rather light!) and autoimmune conditions have been ruled out by my rheumatologist recently. A bit worried about the possible internal bleeding!! Cealiac has also been ruled out! I have always had a low ferritin level of around 20-30, but never 9! I'm almost 'relieved' that it's a symptom of hypoT, because I am seeing an endocrinologist soon.
Do you think it's wise that my GP wants to simply monitor my ferritin levels for a while, and won't let me start taking iron supplements??[/QUOTE]

I don't know if it's wise or not. What is his logic for doing that? Maybe he wants to see if this will correct on its own and then he can let it go? I can understand that; however, in the meantime you will feel like crap. Do you know if you are anemic?

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