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It's your choice, but if i had known a few years ago what i know now i personally wouldn't give a toss about what some doctor wants to wait for. I would be taking an iron supplement now.

On the other hand, it's not normal for ferretin to simply drop so fast. It is a good idea to rule out all possible causes.

You are right though, the OTC supplements aren't very high doses. I used to be on one and when i found my treating doctor he told me to triple the dosage and even that wasn't high enough. I have been taking a high dose formula which his chemist concocts and it doesnt have a name as it's not sold OTC. Others on this board can give you names of supplements which have worked for them if you decide to go ahead with iron supplements. You can use the search facility on this board as there are some good articles on the back pages.

My ferretin only got down to an 8 and the gp i saw back then nearly had a heart attack and told me to go buy something quick smart to raise my levels. She scared me so much i thought the way she was carrying on that it was a matter of life and death!! So there you go, different doctors have different approaches.

I too felt like crap, but thought that was normal and i was simply over tired due to a hectic work schedule. Now that my levels have gone up and my hair isn't falling out quite as much i feel so much better, but it has taken me 2 years this april to get where i'm at now. Also b/c i ignored all my symptoms and simply thought this was the way i was and had to live with it, the long term (i'm talking years) of low ferretin ended up affecting my thyroid, which is self correcting now that my ferretin has gone up.

Whether you go along with your doctor or start taking a supplement i wish you all the best as it's definitely not nice living this way.

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