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When my hemoglobin is low - all I want to eat is popcorn, and yes, I do the ice thing too. I think it's our bodies telling us something is off!

I've had this WEIRD craving which started probably about 2 months before I found out that I had a Ferritin Level of 10 and a B12 Level of 172 and it is Peanut M&M's!!

The thing that is sooooooo weird is, ALL of my life I hated Peanut M&M's. I never ate them, never wanted them. All the sudden I started buying them and I eat them EVERY, SINGLE day. It's like I have to have them. I was buying two 45 ounce bags per week, and I eat them all myself. Just recently, I started going through one bag a week, instead of two bags per week. But, I still always have to have them (everyday) and always have to have an extra bag in the house as a back up just in case.

I never did the ice thing .... I just started this weird Peanut M&M thing for some reason!! I am not sure why I started and not sure if it would be a craving related to the Low Ferritin and Low B12 or not. :confused:
Should I still tell my Doctor about the Peanut M&M cravings since my protein levels were ok? I've had the Peanut M&M craving since like around August of 2007. What about the Steak cravings? I am embarrassed to say something, because I am afraid she'll look at me like I am crazy for thinking something is wrong because of what I am craving LOL. I was thinking the Steak craving was just because I want my Ferritin Levels to go up fast, that's why I thought maybe that was why I was craving Steaks. :confused:[/QUOTE]

It may sound silly to you, I can understand that. When I started eating ice I thought that sounded crazy and didn't tell the doc until I had a 2 ferritin. Now, I wish I had listened to my body because it was trying to tell me and I didn't listen to the warning signs that were clear as day! It's just better to be on the safe side if it continues, could just be anemia.

When I get sick I need to eat. I told the doctor this and he said that's not normal, but it was for me. Later, I found out that I was anemic, so I think that's my problem with wanting to eat when I'm fighting off something.

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