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I think you need some further testing. I'm not sure how I feel about continuing the iron. The change in your hemoglobin is negligable and not significant at all (people's hemoglobin changes all the time). Considering your ferritin is not low, if for some strange reason iron [I]was[/I] the culprit, the CBC numbers would have probably shot up a lot. But everyone is different.

The more telling number is the TIBC. If your body [I]is[/I] truly iron deficient, it is going to try to *work* to get oxygen and iron to your red blood cells. The part of your system responsible for TIBC would kick into overdrive and your TIBC would be high in an attempt to fix you. It is a lot like the TSH number with thyroid issues. If you don't have enough thyroid hormone, the pituitary gland kicks into high gear and pumps out LOTS of TSH to try to motivate your thyroid to work. So, the TIBC is the same. Your TIBC is actually on the lower side which indicative of another type of anemia (I've seen it on the internet before but cannot remember).

So you are either dealing with a B12/folate issue (which could explain your dizziness) or you are dealing with another disease process (usually autoimmune) that is destroying your red blood cells (but those were actually okay weren't they??).

As for the thyroid issue, long-standing, untreated hypothyroidism can cause anemia. You don't appear to have that and your thyroid numbers are pretty good. How long did you go untreated?

As for the somersault making you dizzy, well, I know a lot of people that would happen too! I don't know how old you are but you do get to a point where things like that start bothering you and you kind of freak out because "I always used to do this stuff with no problem":D Been there, done that. There really could be a simple explanation for that.

Now if you are just standing around and getting dizzy, then yeah, you would want to look at anemias for that. Or sinus issues.

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