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I just got my labs back and am a little confused.

RBC 3.68 (3.8-5.1)
Hgb 11.4 (11.5-15.0)
Hct 33.2 (34.0-44.0)
MCV 90 (80-98)

TIBC 167 (250-450)
UIBC 91 (150-375)
Iron 76 (35-155)
Iron Saturation 46 (15-55)
Ferritin 57 (10-291)

Retic Count .4 (.5-3.0)

So it looks like my iron is fine. My ferritin is maybe not optimum but it is obviously not low. So does this look like iron deficiency anemia? I will still continue with the iron since my iron level is not super high and my ferritin could be higher from what I've read. Will this continue to help with fatigue and other symptoms?


Sorry to keep harping on and on about this! I was away this weekend and talked with a friend who is a GP about my anemia. He told me he wouldn't even consider me anemic and that I wouldn't have any symptoms with a Hgb just slightly under the norm. I asked him if I might have symptoms if my usual Hgb (from previous labs) was over 13 and he still said, no.

His reaction coupled with my doctor's phone call make me think I am blowing this out of proportion, but my research and how I feel make me think that this is something that needs further investigation.

I know you both have told me to follow up so I just need to do that. I just don't want my doctor thinking I am looking for something that isn't there because of the internet.

I guess it comes down to the fact that my TIBC was so low. If my ferritin were low I would be happy to take iron for a number of months but it doesn't appear that my mild anemia is related to low iron. My numbers look more like anemia of chronic disease. If my thyroid numbers sucked, I would still not be very worried but they look good.

I just don't want to put off something that may continue for a couple of months before it becomes significant enough for my doctor to take seriously. So, I guess I'm just looking for you guys to reassure me that I do indeed have anemia and that I shouldn't blow it off just because my hgb isn't under 10.



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